Now the time has finally come and everyone is allowed to register for our server. One question came up most often until now: My add-ons do not work! This is simply because add-ons for client version 1.12 do not work on our server. We do not simulate / emulate the patch 1.2 by any modifications that interfere with the game. Our server runs exactly on this patch level. To find working add-ons, you have to do some searching on the Internet. Thanks to some attentive players, we were able to check and test a small list of add-ons for you. It was important to us that these foreign data, do not contain viruses or similar, which could harm you. We only want to provide addons on this page that are 100% safe for you as a player.

On the WoW-Legacy page you can find some working add-ons, including pfQuest, Bagon and Atlas-Loot:

We wish you continued fun in Azeroth



Website Customer Service Lead