New Discord Online

Finally the time has come and we can inaugurate our new Discord server. We have integrated some important features that you will surely like:

Ticket system for account & technical problems:
Should you not be able to enter the wonderful world of Azeroth, our ticket system will help you quickly. No matter if it is a possible connection problem or an account related problem. Discord Support is sure to find a solution quickly.

Voice channels only for you and your members:
We know that many Discord servers have open voice channels and these are often joined by people you don’t know. On our Discord you can now create voice channels in which you are completely among yourselves. You have all the rights you need in your channel and when you are done chatting, the room will be deleted automatically.

Changelogs, event preview and community features:
Discord is more than just a program like Teamspeak or similar. Information gets to the players faster than via the web. In our Discord you will find many new sections, be it about changes on the server, planned maintenance, upcoming server events or questions. Here you will get fast help if you need information, are looking for a group or guild.

Here is the link to our new Discord:

Have fun in the big wide world of Azeroth.



Website Customer Service Lead