Welcome to our new Classic Vanilla Realms. With us you get to know World of Warcraft in his most beautiful form again. The server is currently on patch 1.2 from 2004.
There is no Pay2Win here without any form of donation of any kind, this project only serves the community!


Hardcore alpha is online

Today we are proud to announce a new mode in our Vanilla Concept. The Hardcore mode. In this mode it’s all about surviving without dying!

New Discord Online

Finally the time has come and we can inaugurate our new Discord server. We have integrated some important features that you will surely like: Ticket


Now the time has finally come and everyone is allowed to register for our server. One question came up most often until now: My add-ons


Today we are proud to present our new Armory. This shows not only the items, but also other details of the character. You can also

How to connect

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Download the Client

enjoy nostalgia


A immportend point for us is that no donations are accepted! If you would like to make a donation, please make a donation to Blizzard by purchasing games or game time for World of Warcraft. We didn’t develop, design or conceptualize the game, we just offer you the opportunity to experience an old World of Warcraft.


  • Maximum level 60
  • old talent trees
  • old raid quests
  • Events (Angel Event, Hallow’s End, Children’s Festival and much more)
  • In-game support
  • Multilingual client support
  • Patch 1.2 status
  • Secure connection


  • No pay2win
  • No donation options
  • character management
  • 100% Blizz like
  • PVE Realm
  • 2GiB connection
  • High performance
  • Patches do not require an extra client or additional download